Eric Henderson in Concert

guitarra_backphoto3a_SMLTrained by the great Andres Segovia, Eric Henderson is a guitar virtuoso who covers a vast repertoire with technical mastery and passionate delivery. In concert he often plays a traditional selection, such as a Spanish piece by Torroba or a work by Bach, followed by his arrangement of a rock classic, such as “Paint it Black” by the Stones or “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. Another element that sets Eric apart is his performance of captivating original compositions. These are melodic and accessible yet complex and full of surprises.

Eric Henderson’s playing shows how the guitar can transcend genres. He is unconventional in a most compelling way.

8 Responses to Eric Henderson in Concert

  1. Book says:

    Hello Eric, Do you have this piece “Moonlight Sonata” available to share or sale? I really want this piece. I’m try to find it. It’s very hard to find. I hope for your answer.

  2. Hello Eric,
    This is John Bilezikjian writing you back. I had spoken with you today about getting tortoise shell for one of my students. I listened to your Recuerdos de la Alhambra. It was very impressive Eric.
    You are a fine player. I hope one day to meet you. I understand that we do not live that far apart. Perhaps one day that could be arranged. All the very best with your recordings. John Bilezikjian.

  3. Frank Baker says:

    I am really excited about the new works from Eric on electric guitars. Truly inspirational and totally on the edge of a revolution in guitar performance. Some of these classical pieces performed on electric guitar with a tasteful mix are beautiful in ways that would have amazed the original composers. It is really a joy to work with Eric in the studio on these masterpiece recordings. Check in soon so you can share in some of the magic as it takes shape.

  4. Kerry Shrode says:

    I just saw you perform at Coalesce in Morro Bay. Electric guitar classical? I wasn’t sure what to expect. Your own composition with the “van halen” virtuosity…..well….I wept, literally. That is truly one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. You MUST…..MUST record the electric classical album. I am thoroughly steeped in classical guitar – Segovia and WIlliams, and only your music has made me weep. Unbelievable. You are truly a gifted musician with a rare and awesome talent. Too bad it was only two sets. You didn’t really get in the groove until the second set. THANK YOU SO much for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

    • fbaker says:

      Thanks! Eric and I are working on this now and just saw your nice post. We appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep watching the web site – soon we will have digital downloads of some of the new electric songs.

  5. April Formosa says:

    You did not disappoint us last night with your performance at Castoro Cellars. We were so mesmerized by the beautiful way you play. We loved your electric guitar also. We were so happy to see you return to this venue since we had been there before enjoying you for the first time. We were amazed them and again last night. Please come back soon. We will be there….

  6. Rob Hillis says:

    Thanks Erik for leaving these great movies for us to watch! Your playing takes everyone I play it for to a great place. Your recordings are enjoyed by many of my customers at the shop! Thanks a million for being a great customer and friend!
    -Rob Hillis

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