Eric, Antonia, and Segovia

Since his mother — a classically-trained pianist — first let Eric use her guitar when he was 6 years old, playing the guitar has been Henderson’s passion. He was soon ready for his own, which he mastered so well that at 13, Eric was invited to Spain to become one of only three people to study privately with the master guitarist Andres Segovia.

Henderson spent the next four years in Spain learning the intricacies of the classical guitar, while playing as much as 12 hours a day. In addition to Segovia, Henderson has studied guitar with Christopher Parkening, Angel Romero, Ernesto Bitetti, Emilio Pujol and Antonia Morales. He has studied Baroque interpretation with Ton Koopman and Henk Dekker, and theory and composition with Aureo Herrero. While in Spain he also had the honor of studying with the composer Federico Moreno Torroba, perfecting the interpretation of Torroba’s Sonatina in A.

Having logged nine European and eight U.S. tours over a period of ten years, Eric came back to California to his hometown of Laguna Beach where he began advancing his guitar technique, composing his own songs and teaching to his many students.

Over the last 20 years, Henderson has performed 17 tours across Europe and the United States. A writer and composer, Henderson also finds time to take on promising students. His composition Faces was featured in the movie Surfers.

Henderson has completed nine albums, including Castillian Nights, Faces, Cathedral Heights, All My Soul, Encore, Guitarra, and Flamenco Surf and Notes. In addition the latest album Turned Up is the first of its kind with Electric Guitar performances of classical and original works.

Guest Appearances

Northern Symphonia — U.K.

Cologne Chamber Orchestra

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Orange County Chamber Orchestra

Orchestre Surreal