New Recording Project with Richard Niles

I am working on the most challenging and satisfying recording project I have ever done; a collection of my original compositions, some arrangements of classical pieces as well as a piece titled ‘Sympathy’ by Richard Niles. The instrumentation is fretless bass, drums and guitar. The musicians are Mark Egan on bass, Ian Palmer on drums, and me on nylon string guitar. Produced and arranged by the great Richard Niles, it will be engineered by Bobby Hayek, a young and gifted craftsman. To be involved with such great artists and respected names is really a dream come true. As I have been practicing and preparing the works to be recorded, I have come to understand how strongly I feel about every piece that we have chosen. To be specific, Richard Niles has done something that only a world-class producer and arranger can accomplish; he has found and focused my true voice. I feel that I am just discovering who I am for the first time. To serve the music with all of my integrity and artistry is my sincerest aspiration.
I am looking forward to sharing the process of this project as it progresses.
We are expecting to release the recording in October 2017 and tour shortly after.